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What is an alliance group agreement? 

An alliance group is an entity such as a non-profit organization, local school, hospital, hearing health-care-related group or house of worship that wants to team up with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) national office to raise money by participating in a local Walk4Hearing site. An example of an alliance group is Child’s Voice, which is an oral school for children with hearing loss. Their team(s) participated in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Chicago Walk4Hearing.

What is the purpose and benefits of an alliance group agreement? 

The purpose of an alliance group agreement is to bring local community groups and organizations together to raise money for and support the cause of the Walk4Hearing. It is a revenue sharing plan to give other hearing-loss-related groups a financial incentive to join the Walk. The alliance group benefits by retaining a portion of the total amount of money raised by their team(s) for their own cause.

Who is eligible to be an alliance group? 

Any entity which helps or supports programs or services for people with hearing loss is eligible to be an alliance group. The portion of money retained by the alliance group must be used for programs or services benefiting people with hearing loss. Another example of an alliance group is the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They have participated in the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Pennsylvania Walk4Hearing. They used their Walk funds one year to provide an informational and educational conference for parents with children who have a hearing loss.

How will the money raised by the alliance group team(s) be divided?

 The money raised by the alliance group team(s) will be split between the alliance group and HLAA national. HLAA national gets 50% of what is raised by a participating alliance team to support its national programs and activities that include:     

  • Public policy and Advocacy
  • Informational Webinars
  • Hearing Loss Support Specialist Training
  • Annual national HLAA Convention Hearing Loss Magazine and HLAA e-News (online newsletter)

It also is used to cover national expenses relating to the Walk, such as: 

Walk materials distributed to every Walk site such as

  • Walk folders, brochures, posters T-shirts given to every walker who raises $100 or more Production and maintenance of the website (
  • Provision and maintenance of Convio Team Raiser to collect donations online in a secure way
  • Production of press releases, public service announcements and videos to promote the Walk4Hearing nationally and locally
  • Support and guidance for Walk site volunteers by two full-time staff persons

The alliance would then get the remaining 50% minus their percentage share of local Walk site related expenses, such as:      

  • The Walk permit, equipment rentals and signature for the Walk day    
  •  Kickoff Event expenses      
  • Mailing expenses 

Local Walk site expenses will range from approximately 8% - 10%.

What procedures need to be taken to form an alliance group agreement? 

The alliance group agreement form is attached. This form needs to be completed and signed by the alliance group. The alliance group and local Walk site should keep a copy for their records and the original document should be sent to the national office. The Walk Chair should also be notified about an alliance group and he or she should inform the national organization. The national organization will then put the alliance group’s name in the drop down box menu on for their walkers to select when they register online.