Re: Important information about HLAA Westchester’s new  dues structure

Dear Valued HLAA Westchester Chapter Member:

Effective January 1, 2019, HLAA Westchester will be implementing a new membership dues structure. This will allow up to keep our chapter strong, focused and able to fulfill our mission: to help people with hearing loss enjoy a better life. Westchester chapter dues will be $20 per year, and a family membership $30. HLAA National dues are a separate $35 per year, and will be billed out of Bethesda, MD.

Westchester chapter dues will be handled by past-president and long-time HLAA Westchester member Roberta Seidner. Please contact Roberta with any questions at 

We want to stress that all HLAA Westchester monthly educational and social meetings are open to the public and are free of charge. Certain HLAA events (summer barbecue party, winter holiday party, off-site events and excursions) may require a reasonable fee. These fees are often subsidized by the chapter to make them more affordable.

For most of our 35 years, HLAA Westchester has charged its own membership dues to help support local activities, including:

Monthly educational & social meetings with outside special guest speakers
CART real-time captioning services for meetings
Telecoil “Loop” in the meeting room for attendees with hearing aids or cochlear implants
Where requested, a sign language interpreter for meetings and events
Holiday parties during the summer & winter, either at local parks or restaurants
Outside social events such as “Paint & Sip,” trips, Bingo and more
Blair & Anita Mazin College Scholarship Program to help students with hearing loss attend college or a vocational school
Information and advice on products, services and professionals for people with hearing loss – including cochlear implants, hearing aids, captioned home telephones, smartphone caption & voice apps, telecoil equipment, other assistive listening devices

Please note that you are required to have an active, paid-up membership with HLAA National and the local HLAA chapter to vote for the board of directors of the Westchester chapter.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued membership in HLAA.


Steve Wolfert
Acting President

HLAA Westchester
(914) 960-4692

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