Don't Let your hearing loss

shut you out!

The Westchester Chapter was founded in February 1983 by Miriam Koryn and Rosalyn Fein.

It all began when Miriam called the HLAA National Office inquiring about a local group and the answer came right away with the words, Why don’t you start one?

After receiving a list of New York State National members, a process began by writing to those on the list in the Westchester area. After receiving about 20 responses, the first meeting was scheduled at the Scarsdale Public Library then later held at Burke Rehabilitation Center. Meetings are now held at Theodore Young Community Center in

White Plains.

The monthly meetings help keep members apprised of legislation advocating for improved accessibility, communication, and other important issues to help those with a hearing loss cope in the hearing world.

Social activities for entertainment are also planned to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with coping.

Loop and CART are provided at meetings.


The Westchester Chapter provides support and information through Chapter meetings, social gatherings, our newsletter, our website and personal contact when needed.

The Westchester Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America shares the mission of our National Organization.  We work on a local level “to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy.” 

As a group and as individuals we advocate for communication access to locations and events in our community and beyond.  We promote the use of assistive listening systems, we communicate with legislators and participate in studies and research which further the understanding of hearing loss.

How The Chapter Got Started

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